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The tradition of our production dates back to 1919 when the production of connecting plugs for the Czechoslovak post administration was started on May 5, 1919. This production was transferred from Vienna to this first factory that was pursuing production of light-current devices in the newly founded Czechoslovakia.
The name of the establishment was Elektromechanický závod, joint stock company, (Electromechanical plant), in Kolín. Its production programme was extended with the production of telephone appliances and wireless sets under an English licence.
Since its foundation the establishment was in the property of the cousins Prchal, in 1929 the company Ericsson Stokholm entered into the house. Later, the corporate name was changed to Prchal, Ericsson and Comp.

The establishment kept on developing till the beginning of the WW II especially in the branches of telecommunication, wireless sets, army orders, production of safeguarding systems for Czech railways and components for Messrs. Telefunken. During the war the company's production was focused upon orders for the German army. With the end of the war production moves towards telephone installations of type Siemens Halske, automatic telephone exchanges and telephone sets.

In 1958 the production of radio sets, car radio sets and combined radio & tape recorders was launched.
In the 60's this production was abandoned and the factory returned to telephone systems again. In the course of the last years of Tesla Kolín the major program was focused upon programmable logic computer units (PLC) for NC machines and optoelectronics for military purposes.
However, this kind of production was stopped in 1989 and, gradually, Tesla was divided into several small businesses. One of the successor establishments active in the branch of wound up products is WILERA s.r.o.

WILERA s.r.o. was founded at the beginning of 1996 by two associates as an all-Czech company that purchased technology know-how and took over employees from the former firm of Tesla Kolín. In the first year of its business activity the Company attained the turnover of CZK 4,2 millions.
At the end of 1996 the production of the Company moved to a reconstructed building in the Company's own possession where the whole enterprise has its corporate seat today. There were many years of tradition featuring the production of components with windings with Tesla.

The tradition was based on the technologies applied for the realisation of the company's production programme. Thanks to taking over the production together with qualified workers also continuity of the production programme of wound up components was preserved and thus related expertise and quality of the work performed was retained.

WILERA s.r.o. has implemented its internal quality assurance programme based upon the standards of quality management of the series ISO 9002.

All production operations are followed up one by one throughout the course of the production and subjected to inspections and checks. This is the way how quality requirements imposed by clients and prescribed by safety standards are satisfied constantly.

Thus the high quality of our products is ensured together with the full satisfaction of our clients. Quality, promptness and favourable prices - these are the advantages we guarantee.

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